Vegan Diet Good for Environment and Health

A vegan diet is good both for the environment and for individual health.

Vegan Diet and the Environment

Climate change mitigation and health effects of varied dietary patterns in real-life settings throughout North America: (pdf available)

Vegan Diet and Health

Some articles:

The Oxford Vegetarian Study: an overview:

Vegans found to have highest amount of disease-fighting biomarkers:

Does the Vegan Diet Extend Your Lifespan?

Cardiovascular Disease Mortality and Cancer Incidence in Vegetarians:
A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review:

Vegetarian Dietary Patterns and Mortality in Adventist Health Study 2:

Mortality in vegetarians and comparable nonvegetarians in the United Kingdom:

Vegetarian diet and all-cause mortality: Evidence from a large population-based Australian cohort – the 45 and Up Study:

Loma Linda’s longevity legacy:

Vegetarianism and Health: Research on Vegetarian Nutrition:

Geographic study of mortality, biochemistry, diet and lifestyle in rural China:

Huge Study Of Diet Indicts Fat And Meat:

New NASA Data Show How the World Is Running Out of Water

“Twenty-one of the world’s 37 largest aquifers — in locations from India and China to the United States and France — have passed their sustainability tipping points, meaning more water was removed than replaced during the decade-long study period, researchers announced Tuesday. Thirteen aquifers declined at rates that put them into the most troubled category.”

stressed aquifers

More at Washington Post

Greywater System Installation

With the help of my friend Francis and the great folks at the SF Public Utilities Commission greywater pilot program, I’ve installed a greywater system to take water exiting from my laundry machine for use in the backyard. It requires using an environmentally safe laundry detergent, but is otherwise really easy to use and saves lots of water (lower bills, good for the environment).

Here are some pictures of the installation process in my backyard:

All Wound Up: Review of Bacigalupi’s “The Windup Girl”

Cover of "The Windup Girl"I was so inspired by yesterday’s Queer Science Fiction and Fantasy (QSF&F) Book Club meeting that I published a review of “The Windup Girl”! I’d love to read your comments about the review.