SF Queer Longhair Party 2006

Can you believe we’ve made it to the eighth annual San Francisco queer longhair party? It takes place at our house each year on Folsom Fair Eve.

 David Eating Pizza Loren Coy Behind Bookshelf Tie Die Scott and Camera Mike

 Rob and Scott, Pic Courtesy of Rob Johnny, Pic Courtesy of Rob (this row of pics courtesy of Rob)

 Rob Downing a Brewsky Christopher Sitting on James Lap Smiley Christopher

 Johnny Giving Us the Finger, Well, A Finger Mr. Bill Look at Those Manes: Rob Rear, Johnny Hugging Brian Rear, and Scott

 David, Carl, Christopher, and Rob Rear Brian, Johnny, and J Steve or Nexus More of Babelicious Rob

 Grins All Around: Carl, Christopher, and Robert Part of Paul and David Jace Is Beaming

 Bill and Robert Cuddle Slice of Carl Whole Head of Carl

 Christopher Licking Vegan Ice Cream Lid Christopher Askance While Licking Fingers Matthew

 Jim aka Devilboy Rob and Mike More Rob 

 Scott, Stardust, Gray, David Obscured by Mike and Bob Rear Rear Jace, J Steve, Scott, David, and Mystery Blur Christopher and Paul
 (above row of pics courtesy of Rob) 

 Scott and Stewart Princess Will Stardust (this row of pics courtesy of Rob) 

 Raul Munching Brian and J Steve Adorned by Storm Contagious Smiles from David and Jace

 Bill and Shaggy James Hugging Christopher Herb Impersonating His Nemesis

 James Rubbing the Belly of Christopher Ecstatic Storm and Slice of Scott Scott, Rob, Storm, and Bill

 Rear Jim, Scott, Rob, Matthew, Storm, and Rear Slice of Jace Slices of Jace and Storm With Smiley Robert, Upside Down Rabbit, and Shaggy Antennae Slice of Jace, Shiny Storm, Matthew Found Something in His Drink, and Bill and Robert Bemused

 Brian With Sleepy J Steve and Shaggy Plus Hunky Rob Chest Storm and Robert Cuddling Christopher Ready to Whip It Out

 Sleeping Longhair Beauties Rob Roused for the Photo Among the Sleeping Longhair Beauties Longhair Beauties Waking

 Close Shaggy Vampire Stardust With Alien Contented Robert

 Shaggy Fig-Butt Jace and Scott Cuddling Raul Stunned

 Mostly About Rob Nipples Vampire Herb Threatens Unsuspecting Longhairs Storm-tastic

 Brian and Jim on the Deck Sultry Storm and Shaggy Half Brian and J Steve

 Brian, J Steve, and Robert Rear of Brian, J Steve, and Bill Scott and Rob Rear With Johnny

 Longhair Clump Aerial View of Longhair Clump Scott, Rob, Storm, Paul, Johnny, and Unidentified Leather Dude

 Brian, J Steve, and Storm Carl and Part of Matthew

To see the special naked party pictures, you need the special password.