Election Slate for November 4, 2014

Each year I prepare a slate card for my friends so we can debate how to vote here in San Francisco (and beyond). Here’s what I have so far… I’d love your input (I’ll post comments people submit to me below)–

State of California Offices

Governor: Jerry Brown

Lieutenant Governor: Gavin Newsom (despite his prior anti-homeless measures in SF)

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla

Controller: Betty Yee

Treasurer: John Chiang

Attorney General: Kamala Harris (but wish she’d develop her position on marijuana)

Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones

Board of Equalization, District 2: Fiona Ma

State Assembly, District 17: David Campos (gives me faith in politics)

Judicial Offices: no recommendation (vote yes or no)

Superior Court Judge, Seat 20: Daniel Flores

Superintendant of Public Instruction: Tom Torlakson

U.S. Federal Offices

U.S. Representative, District 12: Nancy Pelosi (so many reasons she could improve her act)

San Francisco Offices

Board of Education: Stevon Cook, Shamann Walton (vote for no more than three)

Community College Board, 4-year term: Wendy Aragon, Brigitte Davila (vote for no more than three)

Community College Board, 2-year term: William Walker (vote for one)

Assessor-Recorder: Carmen Chu (only candidate)

Public Defender: Jeff Adachi (only candidate)

State of California Propositions

Proposition 1: Yes

Proposition 2: No

Proposition 45: Yes

Proposition 46: No

Proposition 47: Yes

Proposition 48: Yes(?)

San Francisco Propositions

Proposition A: Yes

Proposition B: Yes

Proposition C: Yes

Proposition D: Yes

Proposition E: Yes

Proposition F: Yes

Proposition G: Yes (most important proposition on the ballot… help keep people in their homes!)

Proposition H: Yes

Proposition I: No

Proposition J: Yes (keep SF minimum wage competitive with NYC and elsewhere)

Proposition K: Yes

Proposition L: No

Chris Carlsson writes: “On props I agree down the line and except Prop 1… $2.75 billion for surface or subsurface storage projects inside the $7.5 bio bond… Not one more dam! No on Prop 1!”