Ninth San Francisco Queer Longhair Party: Getting Intimate

At a certain point, the evening got more intimate.

Rob Sierra and Scott on the Couch Another Perspective of Rob Sierra and Scott on Couch

(Left pic on previous row brought to you by Mike of San Francisco.)

Rob Sierra and Scott Sierra Rob and Todd

(Right pic on previous row brought to you by David of West Hollywood.)

Nexus Keleb Brian and Matthew? Nexus Keleb Brian

Stewart and Herb Stewart and Herb Closeup

Bill Closeup Heidi Smiling Jim Dressed for Success

Shirtless Rob Rob Shirtless and Smiling

Jace Whatever! Sierra From the Rear and Brian Jace Sierra Robert Brian Jace Robert Nexus Brian Massage

Jace Smiling David and Matt

To see the full-frontal nudity at the party, you’d have to have attended. Those who did attend can request a password from Stardust to see the naked longhair pix