Today is also kind of special because I will be having lunch with Gina, who is a potential mother for our baby. We haven’t met in several weeks, since before I went to Brazil. She and her lesbian partner have been getting closer, so it’s clear that I’ll have to meet her partner if things are going to move forward. So, I’ll meet just with Gina today so she can decide if she wants to take the relationship and the possibilities to the next level. Wish me luck! 🙂

Feeling Better

This morning I woke up feeling better!

I still have the remnants of a sore throat, but I was able to do some yoga and I feel even better after the yoga. It’s like a feedback loop.

I’ve sent and received more email from Paul. He’s not sure that he wants to visit San Francisco anymore… we’ll have to wait and see. During yoga, I realized that I am doing what I can to strengthen my connection with him and that I still feel strongly for him. I realized that I am an amazing person! I will make a great boyfriend for him if he chooses that path.

In the meantime, I need to keep up my connections with other people in my life as well. It was good to get a call from Jon about going to hear a queer band last night, even though I wasn’t up for it. I tried calling Rodney who I met at Breitenbush a second time… he seems really busy and unresponsive. He and his housemate James are planning a trip to San Francisco at the beginning of April. I may or may not be back from my trip to New York for the Computers, Freedom, & Privacy conference in time to see them. I haven’t heard from Lance in awhile… I was thinking that perhaps shaving my goatee had turned him off or that the chemistry may just not be there anymore. No word at all from Steve… I’ll let him take whatever initiative there will be. Guy and Jey will have their game night tonight, but I can’t go because I’ll be at the Symphony with David.

I’d like to see if I can set up a trip to Seattle to see my new-born baby nephews. It would be great to see Cob at the same time, unless he decides to make his way to San Francisco before then.


Despite all that great yoga I was doing, I managed to get a nasty post-Breitenbush cold. So I’ve spent the last couple of days working from home. It isn’t as bad as the colds usually are, but I’m not feeling up to riding my bike to work and doing my full yoga workout. I did manage to move the TV off the Soloflex machine so I’m occasionally doing exercises on it now.

I scheduled a minor medical procedure for June 10 and Jack was kind enough to say he’d pick me up afterwards.

Catching Up on OPG

Since work at EFF has been a bit slow, I’ve had a chance to catch up on the backlog of tech support requests and donor thank-you letters at the Online Policy Group. Next, I have to make sure the bills get paid and prepare for the OPG Board meeting this Saturday.

The organization is growing slowly but surely and there are some transitions happening, some of them challenging. Good news is that Deborah has started helping with the tech support stuff and it looks like Constant will handle grant writing for awhile. But it looks like Biella will be cutting way back on her commitment due to her need to finish up her PhD program and take care of an ailing mother. She has contributed lots of effort and I really appreciate what she has done.

Mercedes Lackey and Other Reading

I finished reading “Take a Thief” and another Mercedes Lackey novel called “Storm Warning.” I’m getting a sense of the continuity of plot and characters throughout her entire Valdemar series. I’ll probably have to return some others “Firebird,” “The Ship Who Searched,” and “The Serpent’s Shadow” before finishing them.

I’m also reading “Queer in Russia” by Laaurie Essig.