The Grand CD Giveaway

Please have a look at these CDs to see if you’d like any of them.

Drop me an email with your list if you do.

I’ll be giving them away first-come, first-served with priority to those who can pick them up from my place in San Francisco.

They are in alphabetical order by the first name of the artist or band name excluding the word “the” at the beginning. You can click on the pictures and/or expand your browser view to enlarge the CD label text as needed.






Election Slate for June 7, 2022

Dear Friends,

Each election I prepare a slate card for my friends so we can debate how to vote here in San Francisco (and beyond). Here’s what I have so far, based on the ballot I received in the mail, various organizational endorsements, and an online discussion with local activists… I’d love your input! (Thanks to Andy and Laurel for their input.)

It’s in order as it appears on my ballot.

At the end, I’ve included links as to why a “No on H!” vote is so important this time around.

Election Day is just around the corner on this coming Tuesday… please do vote!

In solidarity,
California State Offices

Governor    Luis Rodriguez
Lieutenant Governor    Mohammad Arif
Secretary of State    Shirley Weber
Controller    Ron Galperin
Treasurer    Meghann Adams
Attorney General    Rob Bonta
Insurance Commissioner    Nathalie Hrizi
Board of Equalization 2    Sally Lieber

Federal Offices

U.S. Senator    Alex Padilla
U.S. Senator (remainder)    Alex Padilla
US Representative 11    None

California State Offices (cont.)

State Assembly 17    Campos
State Assembly 19    Ting
Superintendent of Public Instruction    Marco Amaral

City and County Offices

City Attorney    None

City and County Propositions

Proposition A    Yes
Proposition B    Yes
Proposition C    Yes
Proposition D    No
Proposition E    Yes
Proposition F    Yes
Proposition G    Yes
Proposition H    No

For more information, check out some of these links–