November 4 Election: Any Mayor But Newsom

It’s time to vote again this Tuesday, November 4. My slatecard for your delectation below.

Once again, check your polling place because it may have changed. They managed to avoid implementing instant runoff voting so that they can make it more likely that Newsom will win in a later runoff election. We have to prove them wrong by bringing out the voters in greater numbers if the runoff occurs.

As always, I’d love to hear your opinion about why you agree or disagree with my recommendations below.

That’s what democracy looks like!


Will’s November 4 Election Slatecard

[* by the important ones]

* Mayor -> Tom Ammiano
[but most important is to vote for anyone but Newsom to keep him from getting 50%+ of the vote so that the left can unite for the runoff election to defeat Newsom, info on Newsom’s record at]

* District Attorney -> Terence Hallinan

Sheriff -> Michael Hennessey

Props A – F -> I don’t feel strongly, but probably yes
Prop G -> Yes
* Prop H -> Yes [this one is important for police accountability]
Prop I -> Yes
Prop J -> Yes
Prop K -> Yes
* Prop L -> Yes [reasonable minimum wage]
* Prop M -> NO!
Prop N -> Don’t know