Working on Raised Beds in the Garden

Denis, Zhenya, and I working on installing the raised beds in the backyard garden.

Greywater System Installation

With the help of my friend Francis and the great folks at the SF Public Utilities Commission greywater pilot program, I’ve installed a greywater system to take water exiting from my laundry machine for use in the backyard. It requires using an environmentally safe laundry detergent, but is otherwise really easy to use and saves lots of water (lower bills, good for the environment).

Here are some pictures of the installation process in my backyard:

Visiting the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Once a month, there is a free day at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, so I took the opportunity to invite a friend, enjoy the flowers and the amazing building, as well as taking some photographs.

Possum in the Hood

I saw one of these critters around midnight on my next-to-next-door neighbors fence bordering the community garden steps where I often walk home.

A Virginia opossum is not a usual site around here… at first I thought it must have been a raccoon, a cat, or a rat, but its face kind of glowed in the dark almost like an owl and its long snout and tail were a giveaway.