Vegan Diet Good for Environment and Health

A vegan diet is good both for the environment and for individual health.

Vegan Diet and the Environment

Climate change mitigation and health effects of varied dietary patterns in real-life settings throughout North America: (pdf available)

Vegan Diet and Health

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Geographic study of mortality, biochemistry, diet and lifestyle in rural China:

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Volunteering at Alemany Farm

Stardust at Alemany Farm
I had a wonderful time volunteering at Alemany Farm. The farm is a fairly short walk from my house. I learned about crops that would be best to plant at this time of year in my backyard garden. Although the weather had been quite cold and rainy, the sun peeked through the clouds for much of the afternoon and we had no rain that day, so volunteering there was quite pleasant. The regular volunteers are experienced gardeners and provided lots of good advice.

Alameny FarmI started with lots of weeding, including removing some weeds the size of small trees!

Stardust Harvesting Brussel SproutsOne benefit of volunteering is that you get to bring home some of the produce that you harvest. We harvested some Yacón root, as well as kale, lettuce, and brussel sprouts.

Alameny FarmI took a cutting of some yarrow and this plant with beautiful red flowers on the right side of this photo.