Piano Repair Needed

IMG_4154_1O dear! My beloved Kawai upright piano has a problem with the retractable keyboard cover.

Here’s what the piano looks like:




IMG_4163_1The retractable cover has three hinges each with three screws on each side to attach the outermost section of the keyboard cover to the main portion of the keyboard cover. (Click on the photo to see a larger version.)



IMG_4161_1 IMG_4162_1The left and middle hinges are completely unattached from the outermost section of the keyboard cover, leaving the right hinge, which is only partially attached. In fact, the outermost section of the keyboard cover is close to falling off completely.








IMG_4151Here’s a closer look at all three hinges (left to right): IMG_4152 IMG_4153







All the hinges on the sheet music holder foldout section and elsewhere on the keyboard cover are fine.

I have some, but not all of the screws that have fallen out.

Shelter Notes

“Shelter” is a work of sensuous intensities and melancholic moods that coalesces out of a seemingly relaxed and ordinary environment.

I. Stomping Ground

Shelter’s first movement is influenced by old Jewish dance music that gradually increases in tempo until it reaches a frenzied culmination. The movement begins with a serious and expansive bassoon solo, punctuated by strings and echoed by English horn with a modified melody. The feverish force of the piece draws the listener ineluctably in. After attaining a whirlwind culmination, the first movement ends with a brief recapitulation of the initial theme and a final slow “olé”.

Note to players: Avoid the feeling of pushing the piece forward by playing on the back end of beats of increasing tempo. Also, tempo changes should not occur all at once at measure downbeats, instead starting within measures to progress toward downbeats.

II. Resting Place

The second movement starts in four waves of increasing length: beginning with only the first player, restarting with the first and second players, and so on, until all four players are playing. Then, the players echo their final wave more quickly with discordant embellishments. Next, polyrhythmic strings accompany a gradually descending bassoon solo that pauses dramatically before reaching its nadir. Following brief Arabian polyrhythmic flourishes, including a lush cello solo reminiscent of the prior bassoon solo yet synchonized with viola, the movement settles into a wide open sound texture created by hypnotic woodwind pulses. The cello addes some soulful caresses, repeated with viola harmony, to create a morbid landscape. The woodwinds come to a polyrhythmic forefront until the strings join them playing the previous hypnotic woodwind motif. The strings intensify their polyrhythms, eventually joined by bassoon and a soaring English horn. The woodwinds subside and the strings again play intense polyrhythms until the piece unwinds in four waves of decreasing length, losing one player each wave until the final tone.

Note to players: Make an effort to hold notes for full duration and to follow tempo and dynamic markings to convey the fully hypnotic effect of this piece.

Visit to Family in Seattle

I had a good time visiting family in Seattle.

First stop was Port Townshend to see my father’s home there.

Next stop Seattle to visit my mother (no pictures because she’s quite unwell) and my brother and his family.

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Berths in San Francisco

Clint and I saw a great activist art exhibit as part of a tour of Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior ship currently berthed at San Francisco’s Pier 15. We had an amazing time talking with old friends and new.

The last few pictures were taken on the way to and at Pier 39 where we saw the sea lions and the mirror maze!

Election Slate for November 5, 2013

Each year I prepare a slate card for my friends so we can debate how to vote here in San Francisco (and beyond). Here’s what I have so far… I’d love your input (update: see comments people submitted below)–

San Francisco Offices

Assessor-Recorder: Carmen Chu (only candidate)

City Attorney: Dennis Herrera (only candidate)

Treasurer: Jose Cisneros (only candidate)

San Francisco Propositions

Proposition A: Yes (Retiree Health Care Trust Fund)

Proposition B: No (Waterfront development for luxury condominiums that block public land use and views)

Proposition C: No (Waterfront development for luxury condominiums that block public land use and views)

Proposition D: Yes (Fair Drug Pricing)

I strongly agree with your NO on B and C endorsements . 8 Washington sets a horrible precedent by raising heights on the northern waterfront for the first time in 50 years just to let a developer build $3 million to $5 million condos that will serve as 2nd and 3rd homes for millionaires. This just encourages more of the same. But there’s an even better reason to oppose it.

One of the biggest financial beneficiaries of 8 Washington is the owner of the 1,200 rent controlled units at the Golden Gateway Apartments. He owns 80% of the 8 Washington site, keeps a third of it after the project is built and makes a $12-$15 million profit out of the deal. This is the same guy who has converted 100+ rent controlled apartments to hotel use at his Golden Gateway and used a loophole in state tax law to stiff San Francisco out of $25 million in property taxes, money that could have funded affordable housing, schools, teachers, etc.

Voting NO on B and C sends a message to our elected officials that they must stop bending the rules for people who build second homes for millionaires, destroy rent controlled apartments the city needs and use questionable tax loopholes to cheat the city out of millions in tax dollars they rightfully owe.

Vote NO on B and C and tell your friends.

Thanks for your help,

…not all groups are in favor of Prop A, there is some sneaky language embedded there that could allow the City to get a hold of the funds. I know some politicians came out for it but they thought every one was for it and didn’t learn about the opposition’s positions until after they came out in favor. The fact that so many business interests support it should raise some red flags. Many people I know are voting no or not voting at all on this issue. I also just didn’t vote for Carmen Chu, since she is the only candidate it is mostly a protest vote. Linda