Pilgrimage to Khagya Dhechen Hermitage

Fruitboy was kind enough to introduce Leaf and I to Jeff, the creator and caretaker of the Khagya Dhechen Hermitage, during a brief visit there up a steep 4-wheel-drive road.




Visiting Fruitboy and Keleb, Haleakala Volcano Summit

It was great to see fabulous Fruitboy, Keleb, and Crude (well-behaved puppy!) here on Maui, along with lovely Leaf, Deseret, John, Marcos, and Diana (the last two of whom we picked up hitching).

Haleakala is awesome… we braved freezing 50mph winds at the summit, so not much hiking!

Staying at the Maui Condo

With fresh local fruits and vegetables from Yee’s Fruit Stand on S. Kihei and from Mana Grocery in Paia.

Working on Raised Beds in the Garden

Denis, Zhenya, and I working on installing the raised beds in the backyard garden.

Election Slate for November 4, 2014

Each year I prepare a slate card for my friends so we can debate how to vote here in San Francisco (and beyond). Here’s what I have so far… I’d love your input (I’ll post comments people submit to me below)–

State of California Offices

Governor: Jerry Brown

Lieutenant Governor: Gavin Newsom (despite his prior anti-homeless measures in SF)

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla

Controller: Betty Yee

Treasurer: John Chiang

Attorney General: Kamala Harris (but wish she’d develop her position on marijuana)

Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones

Board of Equalization, District 2: Fiona Ma

State Assembly, District 17: David Campos (gives me faith in politics)

Judicial Offices: no recommendation (vote yes or no)

Superior Court Judge, Seat 20: Daniel Flores

Superintendant of Public Instruction: Tom Torlakson

U.S. Federal Offices

U.S. Representative, District 12: Nancy Pelosi (so many reasons she could improve her act)

San Francisco Offices

Board of Education: Stevon Cook, Shamann Walton (vote for no more than three)

Community College Board, 4-year term: Wendy Aragon, Brigitte Davila (vote for no more than three)

Community College Board, 2-year term: William Walker (vote for one)

Assessor-Recorder: Carmen Chu (only candidate)

Public Defender: Jeff Adachi (only candidate)

State of California Propositions

Proposition 1: Yes

Proposition 2: No

Proposition 45: Yes

Proposition 46: No

Proposition 47: Yes

Proposition 48: Yes(?)

San Francisco Propositions

Proposition A: Yes

Proposition B: Yes

Proposition C: Yes

Proposition D: Yes

Proposition E: Yes

Proposition F: Yes

Proposition G: Yes (most important proposition on the ballot… help keep people in their homes!)

Proposition H: Yes

Proposition I: No

Proposition J: Yes (keep SF minimum wage competitive with NYC and elsewhere)

Proposition K: Yes

Proposition L: No

Chris Carlsson writes: “On props I agree down the line and except Prop 1… $2.75 billion for surface or subsurface storage projects inside the $7.5 bio bond… Not one more dam! No on Prop 1!”