Transcontinental Trip XIII: Mount Desert Island, Maine

Not since I was a teenager had I visited Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island, Maine. John, his nephew Gabe, and I hiked up Kebo Mountain, Dore Mountain, and Cadillac Mountain, almost all uphill, then we joined Gabe’s parents (and John’s brother and sister-in-law) Rob and Peg for popovers at the Jordan Pond House, one of my favorite places for tea!

Transcontinental Trip XII: Sorrento and Ellsworth, Maine

Photos of my visit to James and John’s place in Sorrento and to my Aunt Loretta and Uncle Armour’s place on Branch Pond near Ellsworth, Maine.

Transcontinental Trip XI: Boston, Massachusetts

Nubian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek treasures and fascinating antique musical instruments at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, followed by coffee with the awesome educator Arthur Lipkin, a walk across the bridge to MIT, and a reunion dinner of Gays at MIT (GAMIT) folks at Mary Chung’s restaurant in Cambridge, MA.

Transcontinental Trip X: Boston, Massachusetts

A visit to MIT, especially a delightful lunch with Holly Sweet of the MIT Experimental Study Group, followed by a wonderful walk and chat with Max through Cambridge to my old home at 13 Valentine Street, then meal with Max and his partner at their lovely home in Allston.

Transcontinental Trip IX: Rochester, New York, to Boston, Massachusetts

A few photos on the train from Rochester, New York, to Boston, Massachusetts.