La Belle Ville de Paris

I’ve returned to Paris after many years away for one day after heading onward on my vacation.

Here’s some of what I saw:

The photos include anti-eviction activists camping in Place de la République, the Porte Saint-Dénis, the staff of an excellent, informal, organic, vegan restaurant called Sol Semilla, gay bars including Cox and Open, a building at one point occupied by the Knights Templar, and various grafitti and art.

Posing Questions of Photographic Ethics

“Altered Images: 150 Years of Posed and Manipulated Documentary Photography” show through August 2 at the Bronx Documentary Center takes on the issue of well-known images that have been altered, staged or faked, including: “National Geographic for digitally moving Egyptian pyramids; Time magazine for darkening O. J. Simpson’s skin color; Magnum and Pictures of the Year International for a dramatic award-winning image by Paolo Pellegrin with a misleading caption…; Associated Press and Reuters for moving digitally altered scenes from the Middle East; and The New York Times for publishing a posed photograph in 2002 of a boy holding a toy gun outside an Arabian-foods grocery.”

Manipulated photo of missiles

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