Facebook’s Lack of Integrity

“…there are many people who have been using Facebook for building up communities, for sharing important information, and for starting businesses based around their professional persona — and some don’t use their legal names. And many of these — including drag performers, trans people, Native Americans, and domestic violence survivors — have very good reasons for not using their legal or birth names on Facebook.”

More at East Bay Express and at #MyNameIs Campaign

Auden’s Public and Private Faces, Normality, and Prick’s Belonging

I am reading a selection of poetry by Auden.  There are only a few poems that I like so far, particularly “Too Dear, Too Vague,” “As I Walked Out One Evening,” “Request” (part 17), “Alone,” “A More Loving One,” and some fragments were shorts, such as:

Private faces in public places
are wiser and nicer
than public faces in private places.

More from part four of “Letter to Lord Byron”:

Goddess of busy underlings, Normality!
What murders are committed in thy name!
Totalitarian is thy state Reality,
Reeking of antiseptics and the shame
Of faces that all look and feel the same.

Or from Shorts:

Babies in their mother’s arms
Exercise their budding charms
On their fingers and their toes,
Striving ever to enclose
In the circle of their will
Objects disobedient still,
But the boy comes fast enough
To the limits of self-love,
And the adult learns what small
Forces rally at his call.
Large and paramount the State
That will not co-operate
With the Duchy of his mind:
All his lifetime he will find
Swollen knee or aching tooth
Hostile to his quest for truth;
Never will his prick belong
To his world of right and wrong,
Nor its values comprehend
Who is foe and who is friend.

Logging and Privacy

Today EFF intern Joanne and I got started on the Logging and Privacy project to help system administrators become aware of all of the personally identifiable information they are logging with or without their knowledge when they use certain networked applications, such as the Apache web server or file transfer programs.

If you know about what a networked application is logging and how to reconfigure it to prevent it from logging personally identifiable information, please let me know what you know at wild at eff.org (where the at is an @).

You can check out the website of the Electronic Frontier Foundation where I work as the Media Relations Director at http://www.eff.org/