Storm’s Birthday Party

The morning after, I read a note Storm left a note on the kitchen table saying this birthday party was the best ever!

 Shade in the Shade of Steven Satyricon and Just a Bit of Storm Win, Djombi, Steven Satyricon, and Birthday Girl Storm Djombi Gifting Storm

 Princess Catherine, Storm, and Steven Satyricon Orchid and Julian Jerry and Kurt

 Jesse and J.B. Mouse and Shade Julian and Wyn

 Mouse Gegen Nazis Yebet SeanGo and Billy

 Cockadoodledoo From Billy and Roger Carl and Katie Ron and Rob

 Steven Lighting Up (Cough!) Steven Exhaling Poisonous Fumes Steven Enjoying Life

 Happy Roger Wyn Extracting Present Doll for Storm From Involuntary Bondage Djombi, Wyn, and Others Look on as Storm Comforts Partially Liberated Doll

 Greg, Mouse, Shade, and Jesse Ponder Slave Dolls Release Yebet and Mark Half Greg, Background Chris, Giovanni, Jessica, and Jeff

 Power Puff Girls and Their Posse Alarmed by Tenor of Party and Dubious Character of Guests Helen, Olivia, and Laine: Charlies Angels Corrie, Annie, and Mish

 Chris, Jessica, Jeff, Giovanni, and Corrie Half Corrie, Annie, and Mish Marvelous Mish

 Arty Djombi  Wyn Nose Djombi Adam Getting His Groove On

 Kirsten and Alex More Kirsten and Alex Misfit Laine and Olivia

 Stardust and Storm More Stardust and Storm Roger and Carl

 More Roger and Carl Giovanni, J.B., and Jesse Jesse Showing Some Ass

 Hidden Shade, Charles, and Greg Shade and Greg Jason Devastation and Charles

 Laurel and Storm Talya and Hiver Alex

 Alex Yummy Eyes and Lips Jason Devastation Francis

 Mysterious Spirit Beings Apparating on Back Porch O It Is Pumpkin and Cubby Solon and Billy

 Party Spirits Carl, Roger, and Rob More Carl, Roger, and Rob

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