Visit to Family in Seattle

I had a good time visiting family in Seattle.

First stop was Port Townshend to see my father’s home there.

Next stop Seattle to visit my mother (no pictures because she’s quite unwell) and my brother and his family.

Visit to Family in Seattle

I visited my family in Seattle January 11-15, 2013. Thanks so much to Douglas for asking his brother Steve and friend to play music to cheer up my mother and other residents at her adult family home. Videos and photos below.

(need to rotate video)

Seattle Visit With Family

I really enjoyed visiting my family in Seattle on May 20-22, 2012.

Here are the pictures, which unfortunately don’t include pictures of my mother. I was so distracted by my conversations with her, I forgot to take pictures.

Photos from Seattle to San Francisco Trip

Here are some photos from my January 2012 trip to Seattle to visit family and to drive with Doug and his friend Graham back to San Francisco. We stopped in Portland to visit Cobb, Patrick, and David along the way.

Family Visit in Seattle

The visit to family in Seattle went well. I saw my brother and sister and their families, as well as my father and a woman named Linda he is dating, plus my mother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, she is a bit worse off than my last visit. She appears more frail and uses a walker to get around. I arranged my visit to coincide with the visit of my first boyfriend Douglas’ visit, since he was coming for his brother’s wedding. By a strange coincidence, my sister and brother know the bride, so I ended up babysitting my niece, three nephews, and the son of a family friend who also knows the bride during the festivities. The next day, Douglas and I took my mother out for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Edmonds and had a wonderful time.

Here are the pictures to prove it. ;-) Thanks to Douglas for the pictures at the restaurant taken on his camera, one of them snapped by the helpful waiter.