German Man Follows Divorce Rules and Gives His Ex-Wife Literally Half of Everything

“As we all know, divorce can get really, really nasty. Like really nasty. Case in point, one man in Germany who goes by the name “Der Juli” online, is giving his ex-wife, Laura, exactly half by lovingly sawing in half all of their joint assets. She gets her half and he gets his half. Makes perfect sense, right?”

half of car

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Visit to Family in Seattle

I had a good time visiting family in Seattle.

First stop was Port Townshend to see my father’s home there.

Next stop Seattle to visit my mother (no pictures because she’s quite unwell) and my brother and his family.

Visit to Family in Seattle

I visited my family in Seattle January 11-15, 2013. Thanks so much to Douglas for asking his brother Steve and friend to play music to cheer up my mother and other residents at her adult family home. Videos and photos below.

(need to rotate video)