Pilgrimage to Khagya Dhechen Hermitage

Fruitboy was kind enough to introduce Leaf and I to Jeff, the creator and caretaker of the Khagya Dhechen Hermitage, during a brief visit there up a steep 4-wheel-drive road.




Visiting Fruitboy and Keleb, Haleakala Volcano Summit

It was great to see fabulous Fruitboy, Keleb, and Crude (well-behaved puppy!) here on Maui, along with lovely Leaf, Deseret, John, Marcos, and Diana (the last two of whom we picked up hitching).

Haleakala is awesome… we braved freezing 50mph winds at the summit, so not much hiking!

Day 1: Visiting Ranger Sierra at Pinnacles National Park

I had a great visit with ranger Sierra at Pinnacles National Park, the newest national park in the U.S. I hiked for two days, seven miles the first day by myself and seven miles the second day with Sierra. I thought I spied the endangered California condor, but it turned out it was just some turkey vultures.

San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Freedom Band Camp at Cazadero

I had a blast with the San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Freedom Band campers who went to Cazadero this past weekend. Here are the pictures!

Please let me know if you want a hi-res version of one of the pictures or if you want your picture removed from this page. Also, please RSVP for the Performance Salon on Saturday, May 22, at http://willdoherty.org/party/