Piano Repair Needed

IMG_4154_1O dear! My beloved Kawai upright piano has a problem with the retractable keyboard cover.

Here’s what the piano looks like:




IMG_4163_1The retractable cover has three hinges each with three screws on each side to attach the outermost section of the keyboard cover to the main portion of the keyboard cover. (Click on the photo to see a larger version.)



IMG_4161_1 IMG_4162_1The left and middle hinges are completely unattached from the outermost section of the keyboard cover, leaving the right hinge, which is only partially attached. In fact, the outermost section of the keyboard cover is close to falling off completely.








IMG_4151Here’s a closer look at all three hinges (left to right): IMG_4152 IMG_4153







All the hinges on the sheet music holder foldout section and elsewhere on the keyboard cover are fine.

I have some, but not all of the screws that have fallen out.

Visit to Family in Seattle

I visited my family in Seattle January 11-15, 2013. Thanks so much to Douglas for asking his brother Steve and friend to play music to cheer up my mother and other residents at her adult family home. Videos and photos below.

(need to rotate video)

Send-Off Party for Bernhard

What a wonderful and sad occasion… time for my good friend Bernhard to head back to Switzerland. We sent him back with lots of memories of his friends and a rousing party and performance salon.

Visiting Family in Seattle

When I visited my family in Seattle, I got to hang out with everyone and attend a couple of recitals in which my nephews performed. My sister did a great job organizing one of the recitals.

San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Freedom Band Camp

Pictures from the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Freedom Band camp from September 17-19, 2010, at Camp Cazadero.