Criminalization of Queer People Worldwide

While celebrating the gains of queer people, such as the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriages, I feel it’s important to remember that you can still be arrested for your sexual orientation in 75 countries and punished by death in 10 countries around the world.

LGBT Criminalization Around the World

Out of Africa: How Early Humans First Got to Europe

“A new study determined that early humans migrated out of Africa through Egypt, a finding bolstered by the discovery an almost complete skull in the Manot Cave of Israel’s Western Galilee dating back 55,000 years. It provides direct anatomical evidence that fills the historic time gap of modern human migration into Europe.”

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Home Sweet Home

I made it home after more than three months in Africa this time and about half of the last year traveling there. It’s good to be back!

Because South African airways completed their trajectory with me by losing my bag which had my house keys in it, I had to sit on the front stoop of the house until my neighbors who have an extra key got home to let me in. Thanks to Jose and Laurie. 😉