Thirteenth Annual San Francisco Folsom Fair Queer Longhair Party

Despite host Stardust having the flu, the thirteenth annual San Francisco Folsom Fair Eve Queer Longhair Party was a grand success. Thanks especially to Fruitboy, Scott, Guy, and Mike for setup help, to Scott for bringing the hairy name badges, to Sierra for cleanup help, and to everyone who helped out in one way or another. The camaraderie from you folks makes it worthwhile to host this party year after year.

Possum in the Hood

I saw one of these critters around midnight on my next-to-next-door neighbors fence bordering the community garden steps where I often walk home.

A Virginia opossum is not a usual site around here… at first I thought it must have been a raccoon, a cat, or a rat, but its face kind of glowed in the dark almost like an owl and its long snout and tail were a giveaway.