How This Trans Woman Is Making #FreeTheNipple As Inclusive As Possible

“Courtney Demone is a trans woman currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy and, as such, is starting to grow breasts. This experience, she wrote in a Mashable essay published Wednesday, has led her to realize the power of #FreeTheNipple in a new way — and how it can truly benefit others.

“‘When people start to consistently see me as a woman, my privilege to be comfortably topless in public will be gone for good,’ she writes. ‘We can challenge that.’

Demone’s solution? She’s launching the hashtag #DoIHaveBoobsNow and will post topless images of herself on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She will do so, she writes, “until those networks decide that my breasts have developed enough to be sexualized and worthy of censorship” or, ideally, change their policies.

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Protest of San Francisco Nudity Ban on December 4, 2012

By a second and final 5-4 vote, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a nudity ban proposed by Supervisor Scott Wiener that is scheduled to go into effect on February 1, 2013, if a federal legal challenge fails.

Protestors from as far as Norway and Germany disrobed in the Board of Supervisors chambers just after the vote as Board President David Chiu hurriedly called a recess, which stopped the cameras recording the public response to passage of the ordinance.

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Black Dress New Year Party and Drag Romp Through Castro

What better way to ring in the  new year than to wear a black dress with a hundred or so other folks at Cayenne and Jack Davis’ place in San Francisco? Followed by a drag romp around the Castro neighborhood!

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