Mikes on Bikes at 2010 San Francisco Queer Freedom Parade

The Mikes on Bikes made a fabulous showing in the San Francisco Queer Freedom Parade at this year’s 40th San Francisco Pride Celebration.

After riding and enjoying the festivities, we met in the evening for a hot tub party.

Black Dress New Year Party and Drag Romp Through Castro

What better way to ring in the  new year than to wear a black dress with a hundred or so other folks at Cayenne and Jack Davis’ place in San Francisco? Followed by a drag romp around the Castro neighborhood!

If you’d like a photo of you removed from this page, just let me know.

Biking to Boy Beach

I had a great time biking to Boy Beach, which is just south on the coast from the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m so thankful that my body is well enough for me to get out and explore nature and the world.

Golden Gate Bridge in Partial Fog Golden Gate Bridge From Boy Beach Marin Headlands Obscured by Stripe of Fog
As I was biking over to the beach, I groaned when I saw a large bank of clouds ahead. As I arrived at the beach, the fog evaporated all at once.

Ocean Coastline South of San Francisco Bay Golden Gate Bridge With a Dash of Fog Stretch of Boy Beach Near Golden Gate Bridge
I met a couple of young guys on the beach who were climbing on the cliffs. I asked them about the difficulty of the trail to the bridge and they replied it was easy if I stayed near the water. They thought I was a former teacher of theirs. As I returned from the bridge, I asked them what kind of teacher I was supposed to be, describing my fantasy about being their sex education teacher. They didn’t really think it was funny — oops, I guess they were straight. 😉

Flocks of pelicans flew south over the beach that day.

Flock of Pelicans by Golden Gate Bridge Pelicans by Golden Gate Bridge Pelican in the Sky
Next I ran across three guys sunbathing together, one of whom was a longhair named Bruce who I gave a card about the Queer Longhair group and mentioned the party at my place for queer longhairs each year on Folsom Fair eve. I sat with them and shared my organic orange mango juice with them. One guy left and I got to know Bruce and Daniel (who joked his name was Moonshine when I told him mine was either Stardust or Will, whichever he prefers to call me). Bruce massaged suntan lotion into Moonshine’s back and then around his buttocks, continuing with a rather penetrating anal massage for quite some time. They were inviting about my participating in some way and I wanted to, but I also felt really shy and uncomfortable. I joined in a little bit, but the mood just wasn’t right. I was more attracted to Moonshine, but he didn’t want to kiss, so the intimacy wasn’t there for me.

Closeup of Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge From Its Base Giant Rock Protruding From Pacific Ocean Near Golden Gate Bridge
I returned from the beach by biking home. I felt great… it wasn’t a strain to bike even on the hills.

I had an Internet date with Mert after showering. We ate dinner at a new vegan Japanese restaurant called Cha-Ya, which was excellent. I had sea vegetable salad and a dish with veggie pot stickers in hot broth with vegetables. Afterwards, he wanted to go out drinking, so we caught a bus to the Castro and went to The Mix, then to The Bar. I drank mudslides and got quite drunk. He had to catch BART back to the East Bay before midnight, so I rode with him on Muni to the BART stop and continued on to Tubesteak at Aunt Charlie’s on Turk Street. I was on my own with a cool crowd for awhile, then Storm showed up with Jesse and Troy and their friend Will. Somehow, I ended up kissing two different women, one of whom had a moustache painted on her upper lip. I found one guy with two dots painted on each side of his face attractive and gave him my card. On the way home with Storm, we flirted with the taxi driver who let us know he was straight and showed us a picture of his son, now in Denmark with his girlfriend. We urged him to travel to Denmark to be with his family, despite his doubts about the relationship with his girlfriend.