Ninth San Francisco Queer Longhair Party: Party Down

About forty people showed up: all but two or three had longhair, and one of those tried on some wigs for fun.

Spiral and Sierra Dancing to the Music Scott Greets Sierra While Mike Watches Storm Lair

Mike and Loren Mike and Loren Snuggling Mike and Loren Rubbing Goatees

Loren Arrives Loren Putting on Nametag

Bill Getting a Name Tag With Paul and Loren Watching Spotlight on Mike Stardust DJs While Chatting With Scott

Scott Mike Rob Brian Nexus and Keleb in the Living Room Bill With Full-Length Beard Bill Shows Off His SF Bears Tie Dye T-Shirt

Bill David and Scott Geeking out on Devices Bill Mike Keleb David Matt

Matt Stands Out in a Longhair Crowd Stardust Hand Disappears While Talking With Matt David Mike and Bill

Loren and Scott in Living Room Loren and Scott in Living Room Again Loren Snaps Pic of Scott and Brian in Living Room

Scott Showing Multicolored LED Light to Mike With Loren in Background Mike Bill Bryan Brian Nexus Keleb in Living Room Scott and Bill Have Full Beards

Bill Nexus Matthew and Whatever! Bill Nexus Matthew and Whatever! Again Storm Hugs Bill

Stardust Welcomes Nexus and Brian Blurry Brian Nexus and Keleb Blurry Nexus and Keleb

Stardust Snaps Pic of Keleb and Nexus Keleb Sports Multicolored Dreads

Closeup of Keleb Multicolored Dreads Keleb Dayglow Dreads

Cloth Strips Braided Into Keleb Hair

Keleb Bryan Nexus Blurry Bill and Scott Keleb Rob Sierra Bill With Beard Over Scott Bryan Snuggling Bill With Stardust Mike Storm Paul and Brian in Background

Bill Rob Mike Storm Paul Brian Nexus Herb Bill Bryan Mike Robert Nexus Keleb Herb Bill Bryan Storm Mike Stardust Brian Nexus

Herb Drops Ice Bucket for Slippery Party Jacques Bill Stardust Steve Bryan Bill Steve Herb Nexus Matthew Brian Keleb Paul Stardust Bill Robert in the Kitchen

Illuminated Deck at Night Scott Illuminated by LEDs

(Thanks to Mike of San Francisco for the pictures in this blog entry.)

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