Guille and I are in a small hotel room in Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina, after a torrential nighttime downpour — not sure if we can travel on to Mercedes today.

Well, we made it to Mercedes and the Hotel El Sol, then took a bus to the shrine for Gauchito Gil. He was a cowboy who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. The rich killed him for it and he became a local saint as a result.

We returned to Mercedes in time for a free theater production of Quijote and a quick dinner afterwards. Guille and I raced each other through the main town square on our way back to the hotel.

Preparing to Travel With Guille

Since Guille and I got along so well, and since he was temporarily without his job as a hairdresser, I invited him to come along with me to travel in northern Argentina. After considering it for a bit, he decided to come along. We tried to find a laundry to wash our clothes before heading out of town but they were all closed because it was Sunday. We went to the bus station to research tickets then walked around town. We had a romantic dinner in the old town with an excellent bottle of Uruguayan wine and a creme papaya with cassis for dessert. I spent the night at Guille’s place in the apartment he shares with Santiago. Santiago has a sign on his room that reads “Shh… animals hibernating.”

Enter Guille!

At Cain, I met someone who may become important for the rest of my life. Guille, a 20-year-old somewhat longhaired hair dresser. I was blown away when I saw him and thouight he wouldn’t be interested in talking with me, or perhaps was an escort. Fortunately, he was really interested, so we talked and danced and had a fabulous time getting to know each other. We were so attracted to each other, we knew we had to spend the night together, so I brought him back to the hotel, even though I knew I’d have to pay more for a second person in the room.

Guille and Me, Montevideo, Uruguay

Leaving Buenos Aires, Arriving in Montevideo

Ferry from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Montevideo, Uruguay Ferry from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Montevideo, Uruguay

After a wonderful ten day visit, I left Buenos Aires on a ferry bound for Montevideo, Uruguay. In the ferry station, I met a French-speaking straight guy named Tonino, from New Caledonia. He was kind enough to recommend a hotel, and we took a taxi there together since I hadn’t made any plans. We ate dinner at a pretty good place near the hotel, then I went off on my own to meet Nando, a guy I met on the Internet. At first Nando didn’t show up at the street corner where he said he would meet me, so I was kind of bummed. Fortunately, he called me with apologies for being late and we met up for a coffee, where it turns out we felt like friends rather than romance. Then we went to a queer disco named Cain.