Cob is a trip. When we are in each other’s presence, I have a great time. The conversation is great as is making love. We’re exploring some interesting dynamics around power and consensuality through mild S/M fantasies. It’s when he’s not around that I experience difficulties, the uncertainty because he can’t seem to plan when he can be here. So, I try to leave space in my schedule for his arrival which ends up in frustration as I miss opportunities when he doesn’t show up at the time I hoped he would. We’ve discussed the situation. He’s now travelling for a couple of months without a home. I’m in my work and live at home routine. So our needs are probably a bit different. Hopefully, this will work out. I’d like us to spend more time together.

I was a bit surprised when he told me about relations that he was having with a woman we both know. Somehow, I hadn’t realized he is bisexual. I’ve felt brief bouts of jealousy for his liaisons whatever the gender. I work it through in about ten minutes each time. As long as he lets me know what’s going on and as long as he is playing safe, I’m fine with it.

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