Paul and I are still chatting regularly online and sometimes by phone. He is seeing a Dutch guy named Ivo long distance.

I don’t think I felt up to recounting here how he told me by phone one day that I am not “the one” for him. He “broke it off” with another guy named Bruno on the same day. Bruno basically said whatever and cut off communication. I told Paul I still really care about him and still want to see him.

I’ve realized that I love him whether or not he loves me.

I’ve realized that the situation is not unhealthy unless I make it so. For example, as a result of my connection with Paul, I feel better about exercising and I’m trying to learn Spanish. These are overall positive effects on my life.

Paul tells me that we may visit each other at some point after he returns to Cordoba where he lives in Argentina. I think it would be fun to take a trip to Buenos Aires to see the political developments there, then to tour a bit around Argentina and visit Paul.

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