Election Slate for November 8, 2016

Each election I prepare a slate card for my friends so we can debate how to vote here in San Francisco (and beyond). Thanks to Edward and Ruth for their ballot reading brunch. Here’s what I have so far… I’d love your input (I’ll post comments people submit to me below)–

Elected Offices

U.S. President: Hillary Clinton (if you’re in a battleground state, please vote lesser-of-evils Clinton, rather than Green or Libertarian or whatever, to inflict the least suffering on the largest number of humans and our planet)

U.S. Vice President: Tim Kaine

U.S. Senator: Kamala Harris

U.S. Representative: Picus, a Bernie Democrat running as an independent, as protest against Pelosi (thanks to Edward for changing my mind on this one)

California State Senator: Jane Kim (don’t even get me started on Wiener)

California State Assemblymember: David Chiu

Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 7: Victor Hwang

San Francisco Board of Education (up to four):

Stevon Cook
Matt Haney
Mark Sanchez
Rachel Norton

San Francisco Community College Board (up to four):

Shanell Williams
Tom Temprano
Alex Randolph
(I can’t bring myself to vote for Rafael Mandelman due to his collaboration with the forces taking over City College and the other candidate is worse)

BART Director District 9: Bevan Dufty

San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 1: Sandra Lee Fewer (crucial to keeping a progressive majority, thanks Gabriel!)

San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 3: Aaron Peskin

San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 5: Dean Preston

San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 7: Norman Yee

San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 9: Hilary Ronen (you have three choices for ranked voting, but the others aren’t worthy of a ranking in my opinion)

San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 11: Kimberly Alveranga (crucial to keeping a progressive majority, thanks Gabriel!)

California Propositions

51: No (especially because of the $500 million in charter school funding)
52: Yes
53: No
54: Yes
55: Yes
56: Yes
57: Yes
58: Yes
59: Yes (finally made it to the ballot this year)
60: No (does nothing to increase safer sex while anyone could sue adult film industry)
61: No (may result in increased drug prices and red tape delays)
62: Yes (abolish the death penalty! although the forced labor section is suboptimal)
63: Yes
64: Yes (legalize it!)
65: No
66: No
67: Yes

Regional Proposition

RR: Yes

San Francisco Propositions

A: Yes
B: Yes
C: Yes
D: Yes
E: Yes
F: Yes
G: Yes
H: Yes
I: Yes
J: Yes
K: Yes
L: Yes
M: Yes
N: Yes
O: No (proponents still haven’t built housing promised with prior proposition)
P: No (city forced to reject good bid if three bids not received)
Q: No
R: No
S: Yes
T: Yes
U: No (misleadingly named trick by developers)
V: Yes
W: Yes
X: Yes

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