Visiting Family in Seattle

My father, who has a nasty cold, picked me up from the airport and we bonded in conversation about the sad state of the world as we drove. He dropped me off at the rest of the family’s place and I got a round of hugs from all but Abigail, who was already in bed and prefers head butts anyway, and Zach, who was a bit shy. I even got two hugs from Alex.

Alex, Mom, and Zachary on the Couch Mom, Zachary, and Alex on the Couch Mom and Zachary on Couch

After reading a couple of bedtime stories to Sam, my mother and I sequestered ourselves in the living room. She sipped on a bit of the Vermeer chocolate liqueur I brought her as a present, while I had some on top of some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Mom and Zachary at Library Playground Alex at Library Playground Mom Walking and Zachary Running at Library Playground

She told me how much she is enjoying being with her grandchildren and wants my assistance in taking care of them during the weekdays while I am in town.

Zachary Hanging Around the Library Playground Alex Sliding Around the Library Playground

We also talked about her impending move to Seattle and about her financial situation. Luckily, she brough the folder of documents I need to prepare a financial summary for her. The amount of the inheritance from her mother is unknown to us, although not to her brother, my uncle Mark, whom she doesn’t want to ask for fear of annoying or angering him.

Zachary Eating Ice Cream Zachary Really Likes Ice Cream More Ice Cream for Zachary

Closeup of Alex Eating Ice Cream Alex, Zachary, and Mom at Iranian Bakery Abigail Eating

Sam Eating Mom and All Her Grandchildren Mom and Three of Her Grandchildren

Sam and Zachary Head to Head Abigail Under Moms Wing Abigail Under Moms Wing


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