Ninth San Francisco Queer Longhair Party: Party Prep

The ninth annual San Francisco Queer Longhair Party took place on September 29, 2007, at my place. That day I wasn’t sure I wanted to have the party, but by the time it got up and running, I remembered how much fun it is to have that many hot longhairs in one place at one time. We get to hang out, remember the good old days, and meet some new longhairs before heading to the Folsom Street Fair on the following day.

Mike and Scott came early to help set up cool lighting in the front yard, back porch, and back yard.

Enough Good Lights Strings

Scott Brings in His Lighting System Adjusting Cluster Mounted Lights Closeup of LED Cluster

Scott Placing LED Lighting on Porch Table Outside

While we were preparing for the party, a fire started on Twin Peaks.

Small Fire Erupts on Twin Peaks Fire Gets Bigger on Twin Peaks Column of Smoke on Twin Peaks

Smoke Continues Down Twin Peaks Smoke Spreads Down Twin Peaks

Storm took the opportunity for a mud pack on the back porch.

Storm With Mud Pack on Back Porch

(Thanks to Mike of San Francisco for the pictures in this blog entry.)

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