Ninth San Francisco Queer Longhair Party: The Ritual

We had an amazing longhair ritual in the backyard “faerie garden” during the queer longhair party this year.

Open Candles Will Extinguish in Wind Placing Candles for RItual Call for Faerie Ritual

Going Down to Backyard Ritual Choosing Wind-Resistant Candles for Ritual Assembling in Backyard for Ritual

Gathered in Backyard for Ritual Sitting in a Circle for the Ritual

RItual Illuminated by the Spirits or Perhaps an LED Array Ritual Starts in Backyard Holding Hands in Ritual Circle

Soft Group Snuggle During Backyard Ritual Soft Snuggle During Backyard Ritual Soft Snuggles During Backyard Ritual

Nexus Bringing in Candles From Ritual Ritual Concludes and Longhairs Return Upstairs

(Thanks to Mike of San Francisco for all the pictures in this blog entry.)

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