Enemy Combatants

We hang trial less
In Basra, Gitmo, Abu Grahib, and
Uncountable CIA prisons.
Lieutenants and privates from
Britain and the grand old USA
Order us to buttfuck and
Wear a girls’ bra or
Panties on our heads.
Bound in netting or
Suspended on a forklift,
Duct tape prevents us
From murmuring Koranic verses.
After five months in solitary,
They give us their damnedest
20 hours a day.
Helmets and camouflage,
Broomsticks and chairs,
Smash our bloody faces on walls,
Knee our kidneys.
Call us gay
Sons and brothers of whores.
Strip us naked,
Heads in each others’ crotches.
Pile us on top of each other,
Hoods numbered.
Roll us in piss and shit,
Punch, kick, and sodomize us.
Standing on boxes, handcuffed,
Shackled to prison bars,
Leashed before barking dogs.
Standing inquisitional
Black hood and shroud
Electrodes running wires attached to…
Only some soldiers’ grinning notion.
Orders from above:
Guards’ green plastic gloves,
Thumbs up!  For a
Job well done.

Copyleft (CC-by-sa) 2005 by Will Doherty

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