Adjusting to Home

OK, I’m back from Brazil and adjusting to the time zone. I’ve had a little digestive trouble. And I’m missing Paul, the guy I met in Rio. In fact, I called him today. We have a good email thing going, but haven’t figured out chat yet. I’d like him to come visit, but it doesn’t look like that can happen until May when he finishes his architect stint in Rio.

I visited Steve night before last for dinner in the Castro. I felt a bit put off… he didn’t greet me very enthusiastically as he was cleaning his electric toothbrush in the bathroom.

Lance has found a new job! It’s for a good nonprofit cause as well. But his cell phone is cut off and so I can’t call him for a week. He’s getting his act together at home over the weekend.

I tried meeting up with Matthew on Thursday evening as well, but he was too busy with work.

I’m feeling frustrated that after two weeks in Brazil no one I’m “dating” seems that keen on seeing me.

So instead, I’m at home upacking, doing the laundry, and reading Mercedes Lackey’s “The Fire Rose.” I’ve reserved a bunch of Spanish language books from the library so I can start talking with Paul in Spanish. Actually, I’m surprised I didn’t take up Spanish earlier since I live in the Spanish-speaking area of San Francisco.

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