First Impressions on Return to United States

My first impressions on returning to the United States–

  • I’m still hearing Portuguese chatter even when people aren’t speaking it.
  • Three obese passengers requested “extenders” on the plane so they could buckle their seatbelts.
  • I had a discussion with a guitarist named Mary in the Dallas – Fort Worth airport about political, economic, and social problems in the United States:
    • Medical care disappearing
    • Education system failing
    • Corporate control of media
    • Cost of taxpayers of wars — corporate lobbying and profiteering
    • Effect on cost of travel abroad
    • Intense effects on workers of corporate welfare capitalism — multiple jobs, long commutes, no time for political awareness or participation
    • Concentration of increasingly immense portion of all wealth in decreasing proportion of the population
  • Time to buy land abroad?
  • Bloated faces of U.S. pod people 😉
  • People don’t touch each other as much in non-sexual contexts

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