Co-Parent Nina and Irish John

On Saturday morning, I biked over to Jumpin’ Java on Noe Street to meet with a prospective co-parent named Nina. She seems like a wonderful woman, 38 years old, living in San Francisco, with a clear desire to co-parent with a guy, rather than going the donor or uncle route.

I spent most of the weekend with a fun guy from Dublin named John who reminds me a bit of an older version of my former housemate Diarmid. We ate at my favorite restaurants in the Castro, that is, Nirvana and La Meditaranee. (Well, there’s also that Thai restaurant across from the Midnight Sun.) We made love a lot and walked around the Mission district through the mural alley and did the Mission Dolores tour. He’s here for a week-and-a-half more, so we may meet up again. He’s not boyfriend potential because he lives in Dublin and already has a boyfriend named Neil, a cute young actor and perverse playwright.

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