Irish John Update

Well, Irish John is back in Dublin after getting together with me a couple more times on his visit to San Francisco. He tested some of my limits, actually persuading me to walk the streets and bars of SOMA in collar and lead. I always say that I will try the experiences that I am willing to do to others and this experience was quite interesting. Sometimes, I was taking in all that was around me. Other times, I focused specifically on John and his desires, especially as he was leading me through a crowd of people on the street. At the Powerhouse, we were on the back patio watching some guys have sex when one guy noticed that he no longer had his wallet. At one point in between two bars, I needed to pee and John didn’t get me to a bathroom quickly enough, so I just did it right on the street! Luckily, no cops were around. We also got a guy off in the Hole in the Wall bar together. I was licking his nipples and kissing his belly while John kissed his mouth. He came on one of the benches in the back and wiped it up with napkins.

John and I had more tame visits after that, discussing politics and relationships. We had brunch at a place called Cafe Mason in Union Square, which was quite fancy and fun, and better than Max’s according to John.

John and I are still chatting, so when he returned home, I found out that John’s boyfriend Neil had gone to spend the night at his parent’s place. John seemed upset and thinks they are probably breaking up.

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