New Year’s Events

Thanks to Lance for asking Guy and Jay to let me come to their New Year’s party last evening. I had a great time visiting with the gang. Guy, Jay, Aaron, Marcus, Courtland, Lance, and I were there. The guys were playing shoot-em-up video games at first, so Lance and I took a romantic walk on Ocean Beach, only a couple blocks from Guy and Jay’s place. The midnight hour passed with a toast and without incident. Matthew and Ann showed up after Matthew returned from Houston and Ann was kind enough to pick him up at the airport. Ann was also kind enough to give Lance and me a ride to my place where we finally hit the sack at about 4am.

Lance stayed for most of New Year’s Day. We slept, made love, talked, ate, watched two movies (The Hudsucker Proxy and Death of a Salesman), then talked and ate some more.

My father called and we had a short but pleasant chat. Looks like the paperwork is almost finished on his new home in Seattle, so he’s settling in for some renovations. He mentioned that my sister Jen is down with bedrest due to some mild complications with her pregnancy. And my cousin Deirdre is in the hospital again with mental health problems, unfortunately losing her trailer and pet in the process. I need to get in touch soon with both of them, as well as writing a long overdue thank-you note to my grandparents for the birthday gift they sent me months ago.

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