Nina Hagen

Last Wednesday, I went to a Nina Hagen concert on a date with Lance. It was a riot! We got all dressed up for the event and he even braided my hair and decorated my face with marvelous makeup that matched the design of the batik shirt I was wearing along with the silver velveteen pants and the purple feather boa.

Nina and her band played a good concert. I liked the rowdier songs the best since they almost got me really dancing. Nina also delivered a kinda of diatribe against the pharmaceutical industry and HIV/AIDS medications which I felt was a bit over the top.

I saw old friends Henry and his Russian boyfriend Andrei, as well as Charles who I met on a Guerilla Queer Bar trip to Sausalito, Jerry the Faerie, and my housemate Jack.

Afterwards, Lance and I took a cab for a bite to eat at the Baghdad Cafe. I remembered them taking credit cards, but they don’t, so although we had enough to pay the tab, we shorted our server on the tip. I stopped back by later to give her a real big tip for being so nice about it.

I really appreciate Lance going with me to get dressed up and have a great night out on the town.

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