Hanging With Steve

After the Friday afternoon film at the Berlin & Beyond German film festival, I realized it had been about a week since I last heard from Steve. Since I was at the Castro Theatre, right near his place, I gave him a call and once he reached the Castro on his commute home, he gave me a call on his cell phone from across the Castro & Market intersection. It was funny to talk on cell phones so close to each other!

We met up and went to his apartment which overlooks that intersection and the Castro Theater. His dog Justyn is named after a wizard in one of the Mercedes Lackey books which I’ve read, similar to Vanyel, Guy’s dog, who is a character from the Magic series of Mercedes Lackey.

Jerrold called while we were in Steve’s apartment and Steve invited him to join us for dinner at Chow. There was a wait when we got to the restaurant so we had a drink at the Pilsner Bar next door. I had my usual pear cider and got a Sierra Pale Ale for Jerrold and a Heineken for Steve. The maitre d’ from Chow came over to pull us out of the Pilsner when our table was ready and we sat on the back patio. Those guys ordered lasagna and I ordered spinach pasta with a delicious mushroom garlic cream sauce. We ordered deserts as well– mine was a ginger cake with pumpkin ice cream. Yum!

Steve and Jerrold took me to Daddy’s Bar, my first time there. Most of the guys in there aren’t my “type,” but it was interesting to check it out nonetheless.

Then, we hung out watching videos at Steve’s place for awhile. Eventually, Jerrold took off and Steve and I crashed out with Justyn. After listening to some great music that reminded me of Two Nice Girls, we were both really tired. Steve snored a bit so I didn’t get much sleep, but I really enjoyed cuddling with him and fooling around a bit in the morning.

We went for breakfast at a little place on Castro Street with a cheap breakfast special. We ran into Jeff who I’ve known since my days at MIT, about 20 years now!

We headed back to Steve’s place where he put together a bookshelf and showed me some fun mp3’s which he displayed from his Powerbook onto his TV screen. I logged in to his wireless network and read my email. Then it was time for him to get ready for his dinner guests and for me to head over to dinner prior to the Berlin & Beyond film for the evening.

I really appreciate the time I spent with Steve.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you have probably realized by now that I live a rather nonmonogamous or polyamorous life. Although I may choose to live in a primary partnership at some point in time, I am getting to know and maintaining friendships and relationships with a group of mostly guys for the time being. I’m feeling really good about it for now and issues around jealousy or competition for time or whatever have resolved themselves fairly easily so far. Let’s hope it continues that way! 🙂

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