Cob on His Way

Cob left this morning to stay with Wolfie at Chaos house for another day before heading up to Wolf Creek to prepare for the faerie gathering there.

We had a good visit, at times a bit melodramatic, yet overall very enjoyable.

This morning before breakfast, we hung the second mask he gave me in the stairway mask gallery at my place. It’s a wonderful devil mask. I hope to create a theatrical production that can make use of that mask and the fire mask he also gave me. He’s trying to persuade me to take his puppet theater for the cost of materials, but I don’t see how we could transport it from Seattle to San Francisco. I’m surprised he doesn’t want to keep it around in case he gets the urge to do more puppeteering!

Last evening, we drank a Dutch chocolate liqueur called Vermeer and sang while both playing the piano together. I learned some Irish airs.

Earlier in the day we met in Berkeley and tried to walk to have a drink at the Starry Plough, but unfortunately it was closed when we arrived.

Cob has opened himself up to new forms of intimacy while with me, which was quite interesting and exciting. He’s growing in a lot of ways. I look forward to hanging out with him again soon.

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