Arriving in Puerto Iguazu

I was very ready to leave the next morning and relieved that my digestion had improved. After a quick breakfast at the hotel where we had spent the night in two separate beds, we took a taxi to the bus station and purchased tickets for the ride to Puerto Iguazu, the Argentinian town nearest to Iguazu Falls.

The bus ride was uneventful and we walked the two blocks from the station to our hotel with my rolling luggage clacking on cobblestones when I couldn’t navigate a flat path through the streets. Often, we put Guille’s bag on top of mine so we could roll them both along rather than carry them.

After a brief siesta and cleanup in the hotel, we went out for a walk through the town. We searched for a restaurant for dinner and, after wandering around a bit more after finding the restaurant we preferred, we returned and ate there. I got a great salad with lots of vegetables, including peas which Guille doesn’t like, then he had ravioli and I had gnocchi with pesto sauce.

Before entering the restaurant, Guille asked if he could purchase a bracelet as a souvenir, then for dinner he asked about the price of an expensive glass of wine and ordered it. I got a bit antsy about the financial aspect of things but felt uncomfortable bringing it up in the restaurant. We had some uncomfortable tense moments before talking about it. I explained that I was trying to keep to a certain limit on spending each day and apologized for not talking with him about it sooner. I told him I really wanted him to be happy. He apologized for asking for expensive things, which actually weren’t that expensive, and I felt bad about bringing up the whole topic. We seemed to work things out then walked back to the hotel.

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