Comedor de Piqueteras

Comedor de Piqueteros, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Jim e and I went to Puerto Madero thinking we could eat at the Comedor de Piqueteros in support of their work there. The piqueteros are unemployed workers in Buenos Aires who have organized together for government benefits and jobs. One famous piquetero opened a food stall for unemployed people in the middle of the prosperous Puerto Madero neighborhood, which caused a bit of a scandal. When we got there, we found out that we couldn’t eat there since it was free or cheap food for the piqueteros, not for tourists. So we ate at a Caribbean restaurant instead.

Bridge, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Everywhere in Puerto Madero we saw statues of cows.

 Jim e Sparklepants Milking Cow, Puerto Madera, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMy Girlfriend Was a Cow in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaClimbing Cow, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We walked on the Costanera Sur, full of my favorite Buenos Aires attraction the parrillas or meat stalls, across from a swampy ecological reserve built on landfill which we couldn’t enter because it was closed on Mondays. Since the workers’ strike had ended, we took the Subte (metro) home.

Parilla (Meat Stall), Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaJim e Sparklepants, Costanera Sur, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSubte (Metro), Buenos Aires, Argentina

That evening, we ate at Bar 6 in Viejo Palermo and want to Aca Bar for dessert. Palermo is one of the largest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and has a variety of names for its various parts, such as Viejo Palermo, Soho Palermo, Hollywood Palermo, and so on. Aca Bar is a funny name for a restaurant because the verb acabar in Spanish can mean to orgasm.

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