New Sidekick Portable Device

Wow! I can blog from my new Sidekick PDA phone/browser/email/im tool. Email me if you need my new cell phone number. G33k 0ut! (actually I had a problem getting it to publish from the Sidekick, but I can write the entries from there and publish ’em when I get back to a regular browser… Cory tells me there’s a way to email in and publish the entries from a Sidekick.)


Vivek brought home an interesting film called “The Blue Kite” the other evening. It was banned in China because it shows the damaging effects of the various stages of the cultural revolution on an apparently typical Chinese community.

I am reading Polyani’s “The Great Transformation” about the negative societal effects of market-based economies and how social and political controls on markets are necessary to retain human values.

I’m also reading “The Free Speech Movement: Reflections on Berkeley in the 1960s,” which is a series of essays from activists, administrators, and others who lived through the events as well as historians providing interpretations. It looks like quite an impressive volume.

Pagan Peace Surprise

Update: About 60 pagans and friends gathered in San Francisco’s Union Square today to wage peace and amplify love. Participants cast a circle, invoked the directions, and spoke from the heart about why the war in Iraq cannot be alllowed to happen. They handed out flyers and leaflets to passersby, some of whom joined the circle, and chalked a large circle and peace, spiral, and yin-yang symbols on the pavement, then filled them in with colored sand. Some local students who had walked out from their high school joined the circle. After channeling energy to wage peace and prevent war, they opened the circle and sang while sweeping up the sand to bring it to the ocean. “Ish ka la ma bood le la. La la e la. The ocean refuses no river, no river. The ocean refuses no river, no river.”

See pics on Indymedia at:
Today we’re doing a Pagan Peace Surprise as part of the March 5 Moratorium activities to wage page against a war in Iraq.

Monday evening I went to Black Cat house for the first time to help organize the Pagan Peace Surprise. It was about seven women, a faerie named Cougar who came because of a notice I forwarded to the local faerie email list, and myself.
We decided the action will include casting a circle and perhaps a spiral dance and that we will mark the directions using chalk symbols that we will fill in with colored sand.

One of the women organizers was Starhawk, who lives in that house. I admire Starhawk immensely for her politics and her writing integrating politics and spirituality, so it felt really good to have time to get to know her better.

I told her about the ballot propositions for participatory budget and for secession of San Francisco and she seemed interested, providing a suggestion about how to locate an attorney who might be familiar with the ballot process in San Francisco.

Everyone is marvelling about the fact that 11 million people protested against the war on Feb 15-16. It may be the largest protest ever from the human race. And yet the senseless bombing of Iraqi civilians may happen nonetheless. Let’s hope not. Perhaps this is just the tip of the iceberg with a major shift in global politics and economy about to take place. Let’s hope so. May that shift be toward empowerment of those who are disempowered and about dimishing inequalities of wealth and poverty while respecting the dignity and human rights of everyone. Peace now!

de lejos

soporte en un paso abajo
charla en su oído
muchedumbre ruido música
tire de mí llano
empuje su pecho en el míos
pezones que zumban vientre abajo
reunión de los arcos
la bebida agarra lujuria que cuida
llevándonos abajo

miramos a esos izquierda detrás
conclusión asentado
otra vez en las

sus labios y mina llenos
presione entonces profundo ligero
acaricio hombros
pelo largo a través de los dedos
ojo al ojo
piel reluciente
abrace entonces aparte

junto otra vez
sacar fotos sonrientes
bebemos el néctar de la guayaba
de mi pecho
de su vientre
lamo sus pezones
el jackfruit maduro cuelga oscilante
de un rama erguido

madera firme de la selva
plantado profundamente
el corazón golpea el corazón
lengüeta a sudar
jugos tropicales

y lejos
de lejos
palabras de la escritura