OK, so Paul postponed an IM chat with me yesterday so that he could hang out some more with a new Brazilian guy he met named Bruno. He finds him very handsome and wants to spend lots of time with him before Bruno has to go back to where he lives in Northern Brazil on Sunday.

I was disappointed that Paul cancelled our instant message date because I wanted to connect with him this week. I also have to remind myself that last week I was away at Breitenbush and wasn’t communicating with Paul. I guess the important thing is that we both have happy fulfilling lives even when we are not together.

I also have to consider the possibility that I am just one in a line of week-long affairs that Paul has with guys visiting from out of town. Hopefully, we have more of a connection than that. I certainly feel more. Only time will tell.

Stardust’s Re-Entry

Yesterday, I went to the regularly scheduled queer longhair brunch at the Espresso Bravo Cafe on Valencia Street. Among the usual attendees, there was a new person named Loren who I hadn’t seen for over a decade since we worked together at Sun Microsystems. Sloan (Fruitboy) also made it to brunch and after brunch he came over to my place. We and my housemate Jack weeded the backyard and Sloan laid cocoa hulls as a sweet-smelling mulch. I harvested more than a dozen lemons from the lemon tree to give Bette my next-door neighbor. The garden looks great!

After a shower and relaxing in bed came the radical faerie re-entry party for faeries in San Francisco who had gone to the Breitenbush gathering. Myles (Mouse) asked me to host it at my place and the housemates agreed. 15-20 faeries showed up including Mouse, Fruitboy, Onyx, Mark (Ptah), Rick, Joel, Daniel, Johnny Thunder, and others. There was lots of good food including the split pea soup and wild rice I made and the salad Fruitboy made. We read fortunes from the Faeries’ Oracle tarot deck that Owlswan from work gave me.
Lance and his roommate Sami came too.


I’ve seen the following movies recently:

* Ghosts of Mississippi: excellent film chronicling the eventual conviction of the assassin of civil rights leader Medgar Evers, starring Whoopie Goldberg

* A Civil Action: bad film about a good cause, the poisoning of groundwater in upstate New York, starring John Travolta

* Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: middling adventure film

Queers Against War

Yesterday, I went to a protest of queer people against the war in Iraq. I biked over to Castro and Market Sts. where there was a brief rally followed by a march to the LGBT Community Center. My housemate Jack was there, as well as faerie Roux, activists Tommi A. Mecca, Liz Highleyman, and David Solnit, and many others.

I talked with a bunch of folks about the San Francisco ballot propositions for secession and participatory budgeting.

Since I missed the February 16 protest in San Francisco while at the Breitenbush gathering, it was good to feel some of the march-in-the-street energy again!

Also, it was a relief to have a die-in in front of the LGBT Community Center without inappropriate police action like apparently happened when Gay Shame protested mayoral candidate Gavin Newsom’s appearance there last week.

Here are pictures: