Learning From the Politics of the Left in Spain

“Felipe Gil and Francisco Jurado, in Winning by Overflowing [in Spanish], laid out this new reality that defied the conventional wisdom of the political spin doctors, campaign consultants and party machines. In their article, they speak of inconclusive and unfinished narratives, of open prototypes and mutant identities. And they single out the key for all the political confluences that emerged and would emerge: ‘to let oneself trust and be invaded by an uncontrolled collective construction.’ Mayo Fuster, a researcher in collaborative culture, also highlighted this point: ‘The key concept here is overflow, which refers to the capacity to loose control over a process and to operate freely during the process of mobilization.’

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We Don’t Need Your Dirty Business: Santa Cruz Washes Its Hands of Felon Banks

“In May, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS Group AG pled guilty to felonies. Swiss Bank had cooperated with authorities early on, and was ultimately not charged. The banks face collective fines of a little over $5 billion – paltry in relation to the money they handle and the money they manipulated. But while big banks continue to ruin communities and personal lives with light impunity, in some cases the people are fighting back….

“‘The [Santa Cruz] Supervisors can make a strong point and show disapproval with our dollars,’ she [Amanda Robinson, vice chair of the Santa Cruz County Democratic Party] said. ‘We will no longer put up with unethical and illegal banking practices. I hope other cities and counties will follow our lead and remove their monies from banks that don’t benefit local communities.'”

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5 Powerful Images from Istanbul

“Those of queer and Muslim have been enjoying the pride parade in Istanbul for over a decade, using it as an example of what is possible in a Muslim country. But this month’s pride left many of us angry. Vasip Şahin, the Governor of Istanbul, who belongs to a political party that lost in this year’s elections, and his government have banned the pride last minute, using the holy month of Ramadan as a pretext.”

Istanbul Pride

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