Columbia University Will Divest From Private Prison Companies

“Columbia University trustees voted Monday to divest from for-profit prison companies because of concerns about mass incarceration, becoming the first major university to do so….”

“Gordon, chair of an advisory subcommittee, said the group is considering whether Columbia should divest from fossil fuel companies as a stand against global warming.”

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Chelsea Manning: The Years Since I Was Jailed for Releasing the ‘War Diaries’ Have Been a Rollercoaster

“Through every struggle that I have been confronted with, and have been subjected to – solitary confinement, long legal battles and physically transitioning to the woman I have always been – I manage not only to survive, but to grow, learn, mature and thrive as a better, more confident person.”

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Facebook Overhauls Its Inmate Account Takedown Process

“I believe connectivity is a human right, and that if we work together we can make it a reality.” – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, August 2013

“Here’s a dose of reality: for more than four years, Facebook has been cooperating with state and federal prisons to block inmates from connecting to the networking site without reporting that cooperation in its transparency report.”

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