Election Slate for June 7, 2016

Each year I prepare a slate card for my friends so we can debate how to vote here in San Francisco (and beyond). Here’s what I have so far… I’d love your input (I’ll post comments people submit to me below)–

U.S. President: Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senate: Kamala Harris

State Senate District 11: Jane Kim

Superior Court Judge office no. 7: Victor Hwang

Democratic County Central Committee (17th AD):

The Reform Slate is Alysabeth Alexander, Tom Ammiano, David Campos, Petra DeJesus, Bevan Dufty, Jon Golinger, Pratima Gupta, Frances Hsieh, Jane Kim, Sophie Maxwell, Aaron Peskin, Leroy Wade Woods, Cindy Wu

{Note: Upon further reflection, and thanks to my friend Harry and the AFT 2121, I’ve decided not to vote for Rafael Mandelman due to his long record of poor decision making on the City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees.}

California Proposition

50: Yes

Regional Proposition

AA: Yes {Folks at the Bay Guardian disapprove of this proposition due to the precedent it sets for creation of a tax for a regional authority that is not very democratically administered.}

San Francisco Propositions

Proposition A: Yes

Proposition B: No

Proposition C: Yes

Proposition D: Yes

Proposition E: Yes

Volunteering at Alemany Farm

Stardust at Alemany Farm
I had a wonderful time volunteering at Alemany Farm. The farm is a fairly short walk from my house. I learned about crops that would be best to plant at this time of year in my backyard garden. Although the weather had been quite cold and rainy, the sun peeked through the clouds for much of the afternoon and we had no rain that day, so volunteering there was quite pleasant. The regular volunteers are experienced gardeners and provided lots of good advice.

Alameny FarmI started with lots of weeding, including removing some weeds the size of small trees!

Stardust Harvesting Brussel SproutsOne benefit of volunteering is that you get to bring home some of the produce that you harvest. We harvested some Yacón root, as well as kale, lettuce, and brussel sprouts.

Alameny FarmI took a cutting of some yarrow and this plant with beautiful red flowers on the right side of this photo.

Election Slate for November 3, 2015

Each year I prepare a slate card for my friends so we can debate how to vote here in San Francisco (and beyond). Here’s what I have so far… I’d love your input (I’ll post comments people submit to me below)–

San Francisco Offices

Board of Supervisors, District 3: Aaron Peskin
(most important race on the ballot, please vote if you’re in this district!)

Mayor: NOT Ed Lee (rank 1: Francisco Herrera, rank 2: Amy Farah Weiss)

Sheriff: Ross Mirkarimi (rank 1)

City Attorney: Dennis Herrera (only candidate)

District Attorney: George Gascon (only candidate)

Treasurer: Jose Cisneros (only candidate)

Community College Board: Wendy Aragon

San Francisco Propositions

Proposition A: Yes (affordable housing)

Proposition B: Yes (city employee parental leave)

Proposition C: No (remove grassroots organization requirement)

Proposition D: Yes (good compromise with commitment to 40% affordable housing, more than any other private project in SF history)

Proposition E: Yes (broadcast city meetings on Internet, permit comment by Internet)

Proposition F: Yes (regulate short-term rentals to protect SF rental housing stock)

Proposition G: No (even PGE doesn’t want this anymore)

Proposition H: Yes (local clean energy whenever possible)

Proposition I: Yes (temporarily halt non-affordable-housing development projects to create housing stabilization plan for the Mission)

Proposition J: Yes (preserve legacy businesses and non-profits)

Proposition K: Yes (expands affordable housing)

How This Trans Woman Is Making #FreeTheNipple As Inclusive As Possible

“Courtney Demone is a trans woman currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy and, as such, is starting to grow breasts. This experience, she wrote in a Mashable essay published Wednesday, has led her to realize the power of #FreeTheNipple in a new way — and how it can truly benefit others.

“‘When people start to consistently see me as a woman, my privilege to be comfortably topless in public will be gone for good,’ she writes. ‘We can challenge that.’

Demone’s solution? She’s launching the hashtag #DoIHaveBoobsNow and will post topless images of herself on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She will do so, she writes, “until those networks decide that my breasts have developed enough to be sexualized and worthy of censorship” or, ideally, change their policies.

More at Mic

Transgender Woman Says TSA Detained, Humiliated Her Over Body ‘Anomaly’

“A transgender woman said she was detained and harassed at an Orlando, Fla., airport security checkpoint Monday by Transportation Safety Administration agents after a body scanner detected an ‘anomaly’ on her.

“Shadi Petosky, who runs a Los Angeles interactive entertainment studio, said she was trying to fly out of Orlando International Airport but was stopped after entering the scanner.

“In her tweets about the situation, Petosky said that TSA agents calibrated the scanner for a woman, and the machine flagged an anomaly — ‘my penis.’

“She said she ‘disclosed [her] reality immediately,’ but the situation quickly escalated: Over the course of 40 minutes, Petosky said, officials patted her down twice, ‘fully disassembled’ her luggage and put her in an empty room with an officer holding the door.

“At one point, she said, an agent told her to ‘get back in the machine as a man or it was going to be a problem.’

“The ordeal caused her to miss her flight, she said….”

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